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Why Do You Need Business Storage?

The majority of businesses have all kinds of stock, raw materials, and equipment that require some kind of storage.

All businesses are required to store their official documentation for 6 years. Not all of them can afford or have the space to store them at their primary location. Then we have the rising number of home-based businesses, online companies and vehicle based businesses whose only option is storing things at home. There are many reasons for companies and sole traders to choose storage as an option.

Convenient Business Solutions

In the last three decades businesses have been increasingly moving away from the so-called norm of the 9 to 5 working day, Monday to Friday or Tuesday to Saturday. Many businesses now operate seven days a week, long into the night or during irregular hours. It makes sense to be able to access your stored stock, equipment or documentation any time you and your staff require it. At WeStore4U, you can do just this as well as providing on-site packaging options for you.

Increases Your Security

Do you want guaranteed security for your products and paperwork? Workplace premises are often targets for theft and burglary. These tend to happen outside of business hours and where a business is either in a targeted area or does not have 24/7 security. It is expensive for small and medium sized businesses especially to organize CCTV security, security systems and a night watch, but storage sites like WeStore4U offer affordable, clean, dry and safe storage sites. This increased security also reduces the risk of fire damage, water damage and other mishaps which can decimate a company’s inventory and paperwork.

Lowering you Business' Costs

As mentioned above, the use of storage units is more affordable than going alone. There are many reasons behind the cost difference. Commercial and industrial space is sold or rented per square metre and comes with additional costs such as utilities, insurance, security and staffing. When using a storage facility, your company is just paying for the unit that you wish to use - a unit tailored in terms of size to what you require. When your business does not have the space to store everything you require, storage sites definitely make a more affordable solution than trying to rent or buy a larger site.

Business Storage is useful 

Most of all, using a storage site like WeStore4U is useful and it is flexible. There are no long term commitments like you would find with commercial and industrial rents with 3,5 or 10 year lease agreements. Renting a storage unit is a flexible proposition which can be long term, short term, emergency or part of a strategic business growth plan. It can be for storing documents, goods or running a business. Here’s some of the reasons why many companies are finding WeStore4U a useful and convenient solution to their business’ needs.

Moving to a new site

Relocating a business is just as complex as moving home - if not more so. Whether just moving sites, upsizing or downsizing, it helps to have a short term, flexible place to store equipment, paperwork, furniture and stock while making the move. This allows you to focus on moving the essentials over, getting the new site set up without having to move and organize the whole lot in one go.

Paperwork and Archiving

With the current law requiring 6 years of document storage, piles of paperwork and filing cabinets can mount up. Depending on how much paperwork your company produces, it may be a simpler task to archive old documents in a storage unit so more space on site can be dedicated to current work. At WeStore4U the per square metre cost of archiving with us is far cheaper than having that space taken up on a commercially rented premises.

Business Stock Storage

Your business may be expanding and you are running out of space in your workshop or shop to store everything. You may also be a seasonal business which has large stock runs either to distribute to sellers or to sell in store at specific times of the year. Regardless of the need, storage units make for clean, dry, and secure places to store stock away from your workshop or shop front. Our flexible visitation policy makes it easy to remove stock for distribution/sale or to only use our facilities at specific times of the year.


Warehousing is stock storage on a large scale and includes a wide range of other services and solutions. WeStore4U offer warehousing as a cheaper alternative to large warehouse facilities with long term leases and inflexible terms. Warehousing with WeStore4U is both affordable and flexible, meaning you can take out long term and short term storage with us.

Equipment Storage

Workshop space is often limited. This is ok if your business requires limited equipment for a very specific product or series of products. However, some businesses often change their equipment from project to project depending on what needs to be made. Storage space on site is extremely limited as well as notoriously difficult to secure. The same is true for companies and sole traders who work from vans and offer installation, repair, renovation, gardening and other mobile services. Not everything for every job can be stored in a single vehicle. By offering affordable equipment storage space, WeStore4U is providing a flexible option for small businesses..

Dedicated Office Space

While many office buildings have free space, a rising number of companies are finding it more affordable and flexible to rent storage unit space instead. The units can be used as office space as required for paperwork, administration and so on. This is an affordable solution for mobile businesses.

Online Retail Business

Often run from home, online retail businesses need somewhere to store their stock. Whether suppliers on eBay or Amazon or run through personal business websites, the garage or the spare 

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