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Why Do You Need Personal Storage?

Most households come to a point in time when they have a problem with storage space and what to do with their belongings.

There are many reasons for this to come about, the most common of which will be discussed below, but range from moving home to needing to store equipment. Whether long term or short term, there are personal storage solutions for you at WeStore4U. If any of the circumstances below apply to you or your family, give us a call, fill in the enquiry form or pop in for a visit to learn more. If your specific case is not covered below, make an enquiry and our friendly, helpful team will do their best to help you find a solution.

Flexible Options for a Growing Home

Many homes outgrow their size. With each new addition, whether another child or a family member moving in for the long term, it can soon be a squeeze on space. If a house is already full, how do you make room for someone else? Is it a temporary measure where everything can go back to normal within a few months or a year? WeStore4U offer flexible options in terms of the size of the unit we offer and how long you wish to use it. There are no upfront fees, no deposits or long-term contracts - we offer the space you need for as long as you need it.

Better Security

Whether a victim of crime or not, many people wish to store their precious items in a more secure setting. Getting security systems, upgrading a house and so on can only do so much and cost money. By using a storage site like WeStore4U, households can store valuable antiques, sporting or hobby equipment, jewellery and more at a low cost and on flexible terms. It does not have to be a long term commitment, but can be an ideal way of guaranteeing 24/7 CCTV security, a padlock only you can access and a clean, dry and secure location.

Moving Home

Moving home can be a stressful time and there are many ways that a short term storage rental can help with the process. First, if you are trying to sell your house, you want it to be as clean and uncluttered as possible. If you own a lot of things from space clothes to huge numbers of books, it’s good to be able to securely store them somewhere where you can access them any time you like. During the move itself, it is often easier to store many items in a unit, so the move itself involves just the essentials allowing you to set up home a lot quicker than if everything was moved in one go.

Out of Term Time Storage

Students often return home to their families outside of term time for Christmas, Easter and the summer, but not all students can take their gear home with them. Even if they can, there’s a lot to store and home might not have enough space for all the furniture, clothes, study material and cooking equipment. Short term, affordable and flexible storage offers a way around this problem.

Leaving the Country

Moving home is not always down the road of across town, sometimes it means leaving the country. When this is permanent, property and belongings are either sold off or shipped off to a new home, but many jobs and study trips are not permanent, and when that is the case, long term storage is a flexible and affordable option allowing you to keep hold of the treasured items that you do not want to sell off or give to others. They will be there for you, safe and secure when you get back from your travels/work abroad.

Downsizing and De-cluttering

A time comes in many of our lives, whether to save money or for a change in lifestyle, to downsize but that does not mean we have to have less things. Even without downsizing, it can be easy to have too little space. Whether antiques or collectables, family heirlooms or old toys, storage units are a good way to have extra space for storing those extra things. Our flexible and extended access means that those things do not always have to be stored in the unit, they can be changed and rotated as needed.

DIY and Renovation

When one or more rooms are out of action or if a whole house needs renovating, then short term storage can be a great way to get the non-essentials, furniture and more out of the way leaving your house free to be repaired, repainted, decorated and changed. WeStore4U take the hassle and stress out of DIY with our flexible solutions. Extended access times means it is easy to change what is stored as you work from room to room or area to area and our flexible no long-term commitment offers mean you can lease the unit for as long as you like.

Securing Your Hobby or Sport

Not all hobbies and sports fit into small boxes or bags. It is also not possible to store them all in the attic or garage. Expensive or expansive hobbies and sports need a good, clean, and safe place to be stored. WeStore4U offer dedicated space where you can store elements of your hobby and access it any time you want. Storing sports equipment means it is safe and securely stored while you do not need it.

A Loss in the Family

Losing a family member is a difficult time, but it can also be a time when their estate requires dealing with. This can be a long and complicated process including the settling of debts, dividing belongings and resolving property. Using a storage facility like WeStore4U allows you to take your time as a family by keeping your loved one’s belongings in a safe and secure place. It means that decisions do not need to be rushed.

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