Prolab House
Rose Green Rd
Bristol BS5 7XE
10am - 3pm Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday, Saturday
If you need access outside of these hours, please call.

About WeStore4u Self Storage

Self-storage in the Greater Bristol and Avon area covering Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset.

WeStore4U is a local, family-run, Bristol-based storage provider with our main site located in the Clay Hill area of East Bristol not far from the A432 and Whitehall Road.

At the heart of the city, we aim to be at the heart of Bristol storage solutions.

Our aim is to provide you with the best storage service in the Bristol area if not the country. In order to do this, we have put together a facility which caters to your storage needs from personal to business storage, from large numbers of items to small numbers of documents, and from the long term to the short term. As a Family run business dedicated to ensuring you receive the best customer care, that your items are always safe and any enquiries and needs are treated in a friendly, flexible and caring manner.

Security is paramount for us. As well as good customer service, we want to be able to offer the best storage experience. It might not be exciting, but we are proud of our storage units - they are clean, dry, and safe environments to store your property, equipment, documents and stock. They are secure too. We have worked hard to make sure that our site has 24/7 security, locked gates, secure doors, high fences and CCTV.

We love helping you solve your storage problems. Working out what the issue is, how to find a solution and make it work for you is our passion. Our personal storage services are tailored toward covering the many reasons people choose to store their personal belongings outside of home.

This is why we offer a Man & a Van service in the local area . This is why we have flexible term lengths so students can store their personal belongings outside of university time when their student lets are turned over to visiting students, conferences and more. This is why we provide such strong security for those who want to store their antiques, hobby and sporting equipment, and personal belongings somewhere safer.

The same goes for business storage. As a growing storage company, we want to help enterprises within the Bristol area of all sizes. Whether a new start up, an online company run from home or a traditional, small to medium sized business with a workshop or retail space, we have services aimed at helping you do your business more effectively at a lower price.

We recognise there are many reasons why businesses need storage companies like ours. Commercial rents can be astronomical and tied to long-term leases with unfavorable terms for a company; especially if it’s in a sector with an uncertain future. This is why we aim to offer flexible storage services in Bristol which cater for stock storage, online businesses and temporary rents for seasonal excess storage requirements, pop up shops, site renovation or moving business location.

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