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You need to have your personal or business items insured if you are to use a storage facility.

At WeStore4U, we have two main options for this. The first is to allow you to insure your own items using an existing plan with an add on via your insurer or to take out a new policy. Secondly, we are more than happy to help you create a new insurance policy to cover just the items within our storage unit.

WeStore4U’s Storage Insurance Assistance

At WeStore4U, we understand that getting insurance is not an easy process. You may not have coverage at home or are new to the process and unsure what to do. Our team of experts are happy to help guide you through the process and to find an insurance policy that fits your requirements.

An insurance policy does not vary depending on the size of your unit, but upon the total value of the items you are storing and the nature of the storage. An unsecured garage or spare room for example, is likely to be more expensive than a policy taken out on goods of equal value with us. We help lower your insurance costs by providing 24 hour a day, 7 day a week CCTV coverage, secure, dry and clean storage units with padlock security, a gated entrance and high security fencing around the premises.

When taking out insurance, it is important to cover all of the items you are storing. This means knowing exactly what you have stored. Furthermore, it is important to have an accurate valuation of these products correct to the state they are in. This is the case because if a claim is ever made, the insurance company may void a pay out if they believe the items were incorrectly covered during the initial assessment. If you change the nature of the items held in our unit, and the value changes, the insurer needs to be notified and the coverage amended accordingly in order to make sure it remains legal.

What Storage Insurance Covers

Storage insurance, usually in the form of contents insurance, should cover the total value of the items and property you wish to store with us. This can be an extension of the contents insurance you have already taken out at home or a new policy. It is best to discuss the situation with your insurer prior to taking out a new policy.

Insurance for business goods may be covered under a different policy. If you have started up a home based or mobile business and are using our facility to store your products and equipment, speak to your insurance provider about what is the best insurance policy for your goods.

Any good contents or property insurance should ensure your items against fire damage, water damage either from flooding or from leaking/burst pipes, weather damage, impact damage, violence and theft.

Items You Cannot Store

Not all items can be stored within our facility and there are many which would violate any insurance cover.  First, there are the obviously dangerous items such as hazardous materials, radioactive material, illegal substances including drugs or stolen goods, compressed gasses, living creatures or plants, combustible or flammable items, explosives, and firearms. Food and perishable items are usually forbidden too unless arranged with prior consent from WeStore4U and for a short period of time only - for business use.

If you remain unsure about any of the items you wish to store with us, please contact us first for an expert opinion.

Storage Insurance Questions

We may not have covered all of your questions above. If these questions also do not answer some queries you may have about insurance, please feel free to contact us for more information. We are only to happy to help.

Q. Are my items covered by WeStore4U’s own insurance?

No, we provide guarantees of safety and security, but do not offer our own insurance on your property.

Q. Is Insurance Compulsory?

Yes. All customers are required to take out insurance to cover the value of their property prior to moving said items into storage. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all insurance is valid, up to date and correctly taken out.

Q. Can I use an existing insurance policy?

Yes in theory, but you need to talk with your current insurer in order to amend the policy and to adapt it to the new circumstance including any new items and our new location.

Get in touch for a Quote

We are only too happy to discuss your insurance needs when storing with us. Whether you need advice on an existing policy or would like to discuss getting a new one, our team will have the answers to your questions. Please keep any existing documentation including values of items to be stored at hand as this helps us help you.

Insurance Starts  from just 89p per week! 

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