Price List

Internal Storage

Find below our prices for internal warehouse storage. Simple. No hidden fees. No fuss. Nice people. Pay per week, per month or however you want.

Our introductory offer to new customers: Pay 8 weeks in advance, get 4 weeks free. That’s 12 weeks for the price of 8.

Size (sq.ft)Price / Week
15 sq.ft£12.00
20 sq.ft£14.50
25 sq.ft£17.50
30 sq.ft£19.50
35 sq.ft£22.00
40 sq.ft£24.50
45 sq.ft£27.00
50 sq.ft£29.50
60 sq.ft£32.00
75 sq.ft£37.50
80 sq.ft£39.50
100 sq.ft£48.00
125 sq.ft£54.50
150 sq.ft£61.00
165 sq.ft£64.00
180 sq.ft£68.50
200 sq.ft£74.00

External Container Storage Rooms

Insulated shipping containers we’ve partitioned into rooms.

Size (sq.ft)Price / Week
50 sq.ft£19.50

Entire Shipping Containers!

Rent your own shipping container. They are 8ft width x 8ft height x (20ft, 30ft or 40ft)

There is a high demand for these containers. Charged per month.

Container LengthPrice / Month
20 foot container£118
30 foot container£165
40 foot container£205


We also sell padlocks, additional insurance, and a small range of packaging materials.

We know friendly people who can help with removals. Good rates.

Please call us any time for a friendly chat: 0117 3296270 or email